About Marijke

Welcome to my artblog!

My name is Marijke (1963), I’m a single mom-of-two, living in Flevoland (a 20th century-polder in The Netherlands). I started to draw as soon as I was able to hold a pencil. That runs in the family: my dads mother (my grandma) and my moms father (my granddad) were both very creative!

As a child, I preferred working with fiber pens, as a teenager I discovered oil paint. When I was a young adult, I took lessons in painting (general, not specified) and sketching, but work and motherhood took very much time and energy…

In 2009 I picked it up again and started to paint with acrylic paint and board and canvas from cheap stores. In 2010 I started a course in sketching models (I learned very much there!) and professional sketching/drawing. Unfortunately I couldn’t finish that last course, but I still have the books and practice a lot. I also do some aquarelpainting, but I need more practice for that.

In the summer of 2011 I discovered Zentangle, This is a very relaxing way to draw, and the possibilities are endless! I am serious when I say that it changed my art-life! 😉

I work with pigment pens (Staedtler, Sakura), paint (cheap acryl, Van Gogh aquarel) and pencils (just ordered a BIG box with Derwent Coloursoft pencils!). I try to make a mixture of Zentangle, mandalas, patterns like Paisley and influences from Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Baroque and more. The sky is the limit and I’ve just started my journey! 🙂

On this blog, I want to share everything about my artwork. My experiments, influences, inspiration, the results, etcetera. Feel free to comment!

NB English is not my native language. If I mess up with this language, please let me know and correct me! I won’t be offended because I can learn from you!

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