Amy Winehouse


Watercolours, glitter glue and printed pics. I split it in two parts: on the left the talented woman and the glamour, in bright colours. On the right the booze, the downfall and the end… In dark, chaotic colours.


Hydrangea 2


This is the final result of my first art journaling. It’s called Hydrangea. I used watercolors, Aquamarkers, pics I made over the years (printed on common A4 paper), some texts from my garden calendar and a few glitterstickers.

My first art journal (1)

Made in an old dummy book. This layer is made with a cheap aquarel set (Licolette) I bought about 25 years ago.
The theme is “Hydrangea”.

To be continued…!



After some health issues (I’m fine now, thanks!) and moving house (at last! S P A C E!) I recently picked up drawing again. I am also exploring a (for me) brand new thing: art journaling. A great way to mess around with various media in combination with my desire to make diaries, journals and things like that.

Time to explore new paths, now that I finally have a home that’s big enough for my kids and myself to do our thing!