Found something great for my zendala’s!

I’ve found a great way to make a base for Zendala’s! It’s for children, but I love to work with it, too. You need a thin pen or pencil to work with it, and the result is a bit rough, but from that base you can make an amazing zendala. Check the black-white zendala on my photo, that’s my first one! And no, this is no paid spam, this is my very own experience 😉

I’ll scan the finished zendala’s later, but my inspiration is screaming for attention now 😉



I have cheap aquarelpaper (for the Dutchies: from the Aktion). You don’t always have to pay the highest price to have fun!
Today I used Van Gogh aquarel for this work. I made the paper as wet as possible, which was quite a challenge because it was very thick and sucked the water like a desert traveller!

I random put some red, orange,, yellow and green on the wet paper and sprayed some bleach, just for an experiment. I loved the ton-sur-ton-effect!

After drying (on the central heating) I started drawing with my Sakurapens and added some shade with a pencil. And I don’t want to be arrogant but I love the result!

Colour first or last…?

One of the dilemma’s I had to deal with was: do I have to use the colour before or after I start drawing…?

I tried both. And I think both can work.

For adding colour after drawing you need some patience and a steady hand for the little details, but you can work more detailled.

If you put on colour first, you are working with “coincidence”. Or, like the late Bob Ross would say, “happy little incidents”. You can’t work very detailled, but if you look to that as a challenge, it is great to play with!

For both drawings I used Sakura pens and Derwent Coloursoft pencils.